Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation

Effectiveness of Non-Immersive vs. Immersive Scenario Training, 07-R9666
A Real-Time System for Body Visualization During Whole-Body Motion, 07-R9675
Improving Learning Outcomes with Self-Regulation Prompts, 07-R9683
Using Image Analogies for Rapid Generation of Terrain for Simulations, 07-R9698
User Interface Design and Concept Demonstrator for a Virtual Metering Research Facility Software Application,
Concept Demonstrator for Combining Laparoscopic and Ultrasonic Imagery in a Correlated Display, 07-R9748
Designing and Evaluating Control Modes for a Wearable Workspace, 07-R9758
Testing the Efficacy of an Automated Decision Model for Selecting Blended Performance Improvement Solutions, No. 07-R9774
A Novel Approach to Monitoring Natural Hazards in All Terrain, 10-R9613
Investigation into Self-Monitoring and Self-Healing (SMASH) Software Processes, 10-R9628
Southwest Safe Transport Initiative (SSTI), 10-R9648
Maintaining Device Anonymity While Disseminating Information in a 3-Dimensional Plane, 10-R9661
Investigation into Travel-Time Route Interpolation and Prediction, 10-R9708
Investigation into Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Vehicle System Applications Utilizing Dedicated Short Range Communications in Complex Urban Environments, 10-R9717
Ontologies for Object Recognition, 10-R9733
Investigation into the Methods of Modeling and Testing Network-Based Data Acquisition Systems, 10-R9746
Investigating Technology to Support Biometric Patient Identification and Medication Administration in the Correctional Environment, 10-R9750
Custom Wireless Networking over Standard Physical Layers, 10-R9753
Investigation into a Principal Components Methodology for Predicting Disease in Case-Based Decision Support,
Investigation of Using Statically Mounted Laser Scanners for Situational Awareness of Complex Transportation Environments, 10-R9767
Secure Middleware Template Library, 10-R9777
Autonomous Vehicle Staff Renewal and Ecole des Mines Student Internship, 10-R9784
Creation of a Data-Driven Resource and Waste Assessment Methodology, 10-R9785
Investigating the Effect of Wireless Communication-Enabled Adaptive Cruise Control on Traffic Smoothing, 10-R9802
Development of a Minimally Invasive Method to Quantify Blood Flow in the Dysvascular Transtibial Amputee, 10-R9803
Hardware Abstraction for General-Purpose Robot Control, 10-R9832
Investigation into Configuration Methods for Adding External Data Sources to a Common Website, 10-R9849
Characterizing the Parallel Speedup of the Genetic Programming Environment for FIFTH on a High Performance Computing Cluster, 16-R9827

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