Geology and Nuclear Waste Management Program

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Kobuk Valley National Park Landscape Change Detection Using Remotely Sensed Data and Geomorphologic Assessments, 20-8002
Palo Duro Canyon State Park Study of Conical Hematite Concretions, 20-8003
An Integrated Approach for Estimating Groundwater Storage Variations in Regional Aquifers, 20-8051
A Robust Method for Adaptive Model Uncertainty Reduction, 20-9704
Development of Enhanced Three-Dimensional Simulation Capability for Analyzing the Migration of Colloids and Nanoparticles in Complex Flow Domains, 20-9722
Modeling of Submarine Landslide Generated Tsunamis and Its Application in Risk Mitigation and Hazard Management at Nuclear Reactor Sites, 20-9725
Development of an Efficient Probabilistic Approach for Risk Assessment of Geotechnical Applications, 20-9726

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