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image: The focus of Advanced Vehicles is on electric, hybrid electric, plug-in electric, hybrid hydraulic, and fuel cell applications.

The focus of advanced vehicles targets electric, hybrid electric, plug-in electric, and fuel cell applications.

Both hardware and software approaches to vehicle research and development are an important research and development focus at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Core programs include:

  • Modeling and simulation work
  • Technical design and evaluation studies
  • Prototype development
  • Vehicle component testing

With increasing focus on electric, hybrid electric, plug-in electric, hybrid hydraulic and fuel cell applications through the foreseeable future, the technical expertise and breadth of experience within SwRI allows for greater flexibility in vehicle design and development involving these emerging technologies.

Road Simulators Save Costs

SwRI is rigorously engaged in transitioning the vehicle design and development process to emphasize the economic benefits of math-based and laboratory-based processes such as road simulators, while helping clients minimize their current dependence on expensive and time-consuming road-based testing and development. This transition will result in reduced development costs for new vehicles as systems engineering and analysis capabilities for all stages of hardware and software development are enhanced.

Advanced Vehicles Technical Capabilities & Activities

Automotive manufacturers continually strive to provide vehicles with dramatically improved fuel economy and reduced emission capabilities. Electric and hybrid vehicles offer the best opportunity to achieve these objectives. Hybrid vehicles may be best categorized for further discussion by the energy storage system used.

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