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Engine manufacturers meet stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations with assistance from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). These regulations require continual improvements in the combustion process. SwRI engineers offer expertise in a wide range of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and alternative fuels-related combustion system technologies, including:

  • Chamber and piston design
  • Charge motion tuning
  • Technology integration of fuel, ignition and boosting systems
  • High levels of dilution: lean and/or EGR
  • Unique electronic control system design and development
  • Aftertreatment system matching and control strategies

Computer-Generated Combustion Models

Computer-generated combustion models are essential for achieving high efficiency and low emissions while meeting other engine constraints such as:

  • Maximum cylinder pressure
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Compressor pressure ratio

Effective use of computational time is accomplished through an appropriate balance of 0-D, 1-D, and 3-D simulations. Engineers achieve development solutions using simulations that vary these types of parameters:

  • Injection and ignition timing
  • Combustion chamber geometry
  • Valve timing and overlap
  • Compression ratio
  • Boost pressure
  • EGR rates
  • Charge motion
  • Air/fuel ratio

Combustion Development Related Programs

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