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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) excels in the areas of powertrain and vehicle controls and supports the automotive industry in a broad range of efforts, including real-time modeling for diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines, and control of combustion and exhaust treatment systems. Capabilities include full-authority control and limited-authority control; on-board diagnostics (OBD); control of automated manual transmission; control of electric, hydraulic, and fuel cell hybrid powertrains; and design and production of custom electronic hardware.

SwRI has developed solutions for a number of complicated and challenging problems, including meeting 2010 heavy-duty emission standard with minimal engine-out NOx, meeting OBD-II regulation for light-duty diesel passenger vehicles, achieving seamless transient operation of engines with multiple combustion modes, and achieving high-speed and safe autonomous vehicle operation.

SwRI’s Ann Arbor Technical Center (AATC) also provides client on-site service support in the Southeast Michigan area. The AATC offers a unique blend of customized hardware, open-source software for engine control, and expertise interfacing with engine and vehicle R&D laboratory test cells.

SwRI controls and control systems services include:

  • Systems engineering
  • Control algorithm development and software implementation
  • Powertrain control system development, integration, and calibration
  • Electronic hardware design and development
  • Rapid prototyping control development

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