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SwRI uses a wide variety of dedicated and reconfigurable test stands for driveline evaluations.

Drivetrain, or driveline, development services provide a comprehensive array of specialty design; test; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); and development capabilities to assist manufacturers with new transmission design, transmission and drivetrain component development, vehicle development, benchmarking, and resolution of drivetrain problems. This includes all automatic, continuously variable, hybrid and manual transmission drivetrains and their components.

Laboratories and equipment have been developed and refined specifically for drivetrain development work. Specialized stands are used for complete vehicle HIL simulations to allow a full evaluation of transmissions, transaxles and other hardware before engines or vehicle chassis are available for use.

This activity services hardware concerns and issues as well as the ability to evaluate different lubricant formulations for performance and efficiency.

Drivetrain technical strengths include:

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