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Research and development of electric and hybrid electric vehicle technologies and applications continue to be a prime activity for the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers and scientists. From developing mathematical models for simulation to actual retrofitting of hybrid hardware onto selected vehicle platforms, SwRI has more than 50 years of combined experience related to all aspects of hybrid vehicle research.

Classifications of New Electric Powertrain Vehicles

  • Pure battery electric
  • Plug-in electric
  • Range-extended electric
  • Hybrid electric

All of these vehicles include an electric motor, energy storage system and some method of recharging the energy storage system.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design, Fabrication, and Development Capabilities at SwRI

  • Battery cell, module and pack evaluations
  • Battery management system development
  • Control algorithm development
  • Electric component sizing
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Energy storage determination
  • Energy storage system development
  • Emission control
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Mode-to-mode transition optimization
  • Powerplant and component integration
  • Regenerative braking optimization
  • Systems integration
  • Vehicle and component simulation

SwRI is currently conducting a vehicle battery evaluation and test methodology development consortium called Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety (EssEs). The Consortium is currently open for new members. Sign up to receive detailed information about the performance of current battery cells. Visit the website for details.

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