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Altitude simulation under transient conditions is performed to document not-to-exceed (NTE) effects on heavy-duty engines.

As part of Southwest Research Institute's (SwRI) extensive exhaust emissions and aftertreatment research and development activities, a group of technical specialists engage our clients with certification and audit testing services. Homologation programs are primarily heavy-duty on-highway and non-road diesel, gasoline, and alternatively fueled engines to conformance with applicable EPA, CARB, ECE EURO or other regulatory requirements. Manufacturer self-audit and EPA Selective Enforcement Audit (SEA) support programs are also performed. In addition to engine evaluations, SwRI also provides emission reduction technology development for the above mentioned engine types.

Emission certification capabilities include:

  • 12 HD transient CFR Part 1065 compliant test cells
  • Altitude simulation to 3000 meters and other not-to-exceed (NTE) effects
  • Approved facility for Switzerland VERT PM filter certification
  • Certification assistance
  • Chassis testing of heavy-duty vehicles up to 120,000 pounds
  • Deterioration factor (DF) determinations
  • Emissions sensitivity assessment
  • End-of-line (EOL) testing
  • EPA selective enforcement audits (SEA)
  • Light-Duty Vehicles
  • Particle Number
  • Production compliance audits (PCA)
  • Retrofit evaluation for system development
  • Test cycle development

SwRI maintains a locomotive emissions test center near downtown San Antonio. The facility was established in 1990 for the Association of American Railroads, and to date, more than 200 locomotives have been emissions tested at this site. Testing has been performed for locomotive manufacturers and engine rebuilders as well as the US EPA, CARB, the California DOT (CaDOT), DOE, AAR, and individual railroads.

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