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image of fleet test track with straightaways on SwRI grounds

A test track with 0.6 mile straightaways is located on the SwRI grounds is used to provide bumper-to-bumper driveability and component evaluations.

image of fleet test track with straightaways on SwRI grounds

Fleet evaluations are supported by a large fuel blending and storage facility.

Fleet testing is an important part of the SwRI program to develop new automotive technology and qualify fuels and lubricants. A major goal is to help clients bring new products into the marketplace and keep them there. Fleet testing is often the final important phase of vehicle research that provides proof of performance and comparative data under actual operation conditions. We offer comprehensive services and state-of-the-art fleet test facilities to clients in all segments of the automotive industry.

Test Tracks

In addition to extensive vehicle dynamometer road simulators (link to Road Simulators page), SwRI also performs vehicle testing on a variety of test tracks and public roads.

Fuel Blending

A 6,000-square foot (560 m2) fuel blending facility provides specialized blending of alternative automotive fuels and temperature-controlled storage of fuel and fuel additives. Various blends of fuels and fuel additives can be performed, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol and methanol. The facility has large temperature-controlled rooms for storage of 55gallon fuel containers as well as fuel additive storage and measurements equipment. Total storage capacity including bulk storage tanks of various sizes is over 750,000 gallons (3 million liters).

Vehicle Servicing

In support of test programs involving vehicle evaluations on road simulators, test tracks or public roads, experienced SwRI technicians perform instrumentation, routine vehicle maintenance, minor repair, and rebuilding of engines, transmissions and drivetrains.

image of 9-mile track

SwRI performs high speed vehicle testing on a 9-mile track.

image of cold box here 300 pixels wide

Cold-start evaluations can be performed on complete vehicles at temperatures down to –20 °F (–30 °C).

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