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Fuel analysis in the Fuels and Lubricants Research Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) offers virtually every standard industry test, including ASTM, UOP, SAE, and federal tests to evaluate fuel, lubricant, and functional fluid quality. CFR octane and cetane engines measure antiknock characteristics of finished gasolines and the ignition quality of diesel fuels.

  • Gasoline fuels analyses
    • Research and motor octane numbers
    • Benzene content
    • Hydrocarbon typing
    • Distillations
    • Oxygenate content
    • Sulfur and other elemental contents
    • Vapor pressure; V/L ratio
    • Unwashed and washed gums
    • Oxidation stability
    • Sulfur speciation
    • Density
  • Diesel fuel analyses
    • Biodiesel specification testing
    • Cetane numbers
    • Hydrocarbon typing
    • Distillations
    • Density
    • Water and sediment
    • Flash point
    • Heat of combustion
    • Sulfur content
    • Carbon residue
    • Cold filter plugging point
    • Low temperature flow test
    • Cloud point
    • Pour point
    • Copper strip corrosion
    • Aniline point
    • Hydrogen speciation
    • Particulate contamination
    • Carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen content
    • Color
    • Poly-nuclear aromatic content
    • Filter blocking tendency
  • Laboratory instrumentation and equipment
    • Nuclear power plant diesel fuel and lubricant quality assurance and analysis
    • Aviation fuel testing
    • Lubricity and fuel screener laboratories
    • Bench testing for injector building and valve deposit tendencies
  • Fuel evaluations

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