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image thermo-oxidation engine oil simulation test benches

These thermo-oxidation engine oil simulation test benches are representative of hundreds of instruments used to analyze lubricants.

Since 1952, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has offered extensive petroleum products research services, providing chemical and physical analyses, as well as most standard ASTM international, federal, and industrial testing. SwRI's standardized fuels and lubricants test program is known worldwide. Extensive facilities, staffed by experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians, are recognized by industry and government for innovations in petroleum technology.

SwRI measures the quality and determines regulatory compliance of fuels, automatic transmission fluids, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, coolants, antifreeze, and gasoline and diesel engine lubricants. SwRI also operates a large fuel sampling program where samples are gathered from service stations across the country. Test equipment includes octane and cetane engines meeting ASTM Coordinating Fuels Research (CFR) specifications and injector systems for induction system and fuel injector deposit and clean-up studies.

In addition to standard ASTM tests, a number of independent programs support clients' efforts to characterize and evaluate a broad range of petroleum and automotive products. Emission samples can also be analyzed for polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon type using extraction, clean-up, and GCMS procedures.

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