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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has invented, patented, and developed one of the most fuel efficient gasoline engine technologies available today. Portions of this technology package have already been introduced in production vehicles from major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and additional announcements proclaim this technology will soon become the dominant path to production 50+ mi/gal vehicles.

High-Efficiency Dilute Gasoline Engine® or HEDGE® methodology is a collection of enabling technologies that have the potential to improve vehicle fuel economy up to 30% when combined with other, synergistic technologies. The HEDGE® Consortium was initiated to develop the enabling technologies required for gasoline engines to meet the performance, durability, fuel economy and emissions requirements of future motor vehicles. New members are welcome at any time.

Low-speed pre-ignition is an industry-wide problem that is resulting in warranty claims for manufacturers that have advanced gasoline engines in production. SwRI is addressing this problem with an industry consortium called Pre-ignition Prevention Program. P3 was formed to determine the cause of and solutions for pre-ignition in today’s modern, downsized, and turbo-charged gasoline engines. Understanding this phenomenon and developing solutions will help protect lean-burn engines from potentially catastrophic failure. Additional members are welcome to join our Pre-ignition Prevention Program.

SwRI's Dual Coil Offset (DCO®) ignition system was selected by R&D™ magazine as one of the top 100 new products to be introduced in 2011. This was SwRI's 36th R&D 100 award. The DCO ignition system is one of the key enabling technologies used in our HEDGE system.

Technical strengths in gasoline engines include:

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