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An emerging discipline is the melding of software engineering and controls with live hardware under test conditions.

An emerging discipline becoming prevalent in recent years is the melding of software engineering and controls with live hardware under test conditions. The primary challenge from the software side is developing the simulation models and signal processing electronics to function in real-time—that is, to be able to supply control signals and input conditions to the physical hardware and then receive and process the hardware output conditions in a short enough timeframe to provide the next sequence of input states.

Virtual Vehicle Transmission Test Stand

Engineers have participated in the development of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) virtual vehicle transmission test stand, an award-winning, full hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) research station for performing transmission testing. Use of the virtual vehicle transmission test stand alleviates the need to install the transmission in a vehicle equipped with data acquisition equipment and allows engineers to modify the virtual portions of the test vehicle (engine, vehicle load) relatively easily.

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