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Heavy-duty engines in the 6- to 16-liter displacement range are at the core of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engine research and development activities, which center around a cooperative joint industry program that has been ongoing for more than 25 years. Involving participation from dozens of engine manufactures, component suppliers, and lubricant companies, this program has pioneered the use of many of the technologies in use today on heavy duty engines. Currently in its 23rd year, the Clean High Efficiency Diesel Engine consortium, CHEDE-VI, is still accepting new members.

Since the mid 1980s, SwRI has been at the forefront of heavy-duty natural gas engine development. Working with industry groups such as the Gas Research Institute (now part of the Gas Technology Institute), Southern California Gas Company, Department of Energy, the South Coast Air Quality Management District of California and a host of engine manufacturers, SwRI developed fueling and air-fuel mixing techniques and combustion chamber characteristics that led the industry in the development of production engines. SwRI has performed conversions from compression ignition diesel to spark ignited natural gas engines on many platforms and are proficient at reaching performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency targets.

SwRI maintains a dozen HD Part 1065 compliant transient emissions certification test cells. These cells are equipped to operate on diesel, natural gas, LPG and biofuels. Engine development cells include high horsepower cells up to 3,700 kW (5,000 hp) operating on both diesel and natural gas.

We also provide an HD engine benchmarking service wherein SwRI acquires engines new to the market, performs an exhaustive array of testing and then sells the resulting data sets to many customers. This is much more cost effective than several companies each acquiring and testing an engine themselves.

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