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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is developing advanced combustion, aftertreatment and controls technology applied to light-duty diesel engines for low emissions applications. Recent and current efforts have successfully achieved U.S. Tier II, Bin 5 compliance using alternative combustion, high levels of EGR and advanced aftertreatment systems in demonstration vehicles.

Our experience has shown that the key to reaching these extremely stringent emissions regulations lies in the engine control system. SwRI has developed a family of control algorithms that are used to orchestrate harmony among the fuel injection, boost, EGR and aftertreatment systems during steady state and transient conditions. Powerful and cost effective rapid prototyping electronic control systems are often used to demonstrate U.S. Tier II, Bin 5 compliance in demonstration vehicles.

Euro 6 emissions levels have been reached without NOX aftertreatment by addressing emissions during the combustion process. Low-temperature combustion was utilized across a wide range of engine speeds and loads as were new techniques of air entrainment in diesel sprays to avoid unnecessarily high injection pressures. Euro 7 and US Bin 2 standards can be achieved with careful exhaust thermal management and cold-start emissions reduction. SwRI is well versed in these needed technologies.

Light-Duty Diesel Engine Development Case Studies

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