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image: Cummins ISM test stand

A Cummins ISM test stand installed and ready for client training

A significant purpose of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is to promulgate the transfer of technology to other countries in the world. Lubricant manufacturers in developing countries such as China and India began to adopt ASTM lubricant test methods in the 1980s. To support this effort, SwRI has exported bench test and engine-dynamometer test stand equipment for evaluating and testing automotive lubricant performance. The technical knowledge exchange includes comprehensive training on the use of the equipment and the interpretation of the test results.

Over the past three decades, dozens of test stands have been fabricated and exported. Test stand projects typically involve a substantial training component with the client sending staff to SwRI for weeks of training on the equipment prior to packaging and sending the stands to the client’s laboratory. Additional on-site training is provided during the start up and commissioning of the equipment.

Some of the test stands are currently fabricated in easy-to-assemble modules. These modules allow flexibility and interchangeability of dynamometers and test engines. Many of the test stands include a data acquisition and control system that maintains test parameters and assists in generating end of test reports. Multiple units of the following stands have been fabricated and exported.

Stands Previously Fabricated and Exported

  • Bench models
    • Port fuel injector (PFI) test bench
    • Ball rust test (BRT) apparatus
    • Romaszewski oil bench oxidation (ROBO)
    • Caterpillar micro-oxidation test (CMOT)
    • Gear oil scuff test (GOST)
    • Wire-on-capstan friction test bench
    • Ball on cylinder lubricity evaluator (BOCLE)
  • Gasoline engine lubricant stands
    • Sequence IID, IIID, IIIE, IIIF/IIIG
    • Sequence VI, VIB; VID
    • Sequence IVA
    • Sequence VIII and L-38
    • Sequence V-D, VE, VG
  • Diesel lubricant engine stands
    • Roller follower wear test (RFWT)
    • Engine oil aeration test (EOAT)
    • Caterpillar C13
    • Caterpillar SCOTE 1H-2, 1G-2, 1N, 1K, 1P
    • Mack T-8, T-9
    • Cummins ISM
  • Gear/hydraulic/ATF test stands
    • Denison T6H20C hydraulic test system
    • L-42
    • L-37
    • L-60
    • SAE No. 2 friction tests
    • Dexron® oxidation test
    • Dexron® cycling test
    • Mack cyclic transmission test

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