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Bench and performance tests are conducted to qualify automotive gear lubricants under various specifications. Numerous procedures for the lubricant and additive industries are conducted, as well as custom programs tailored to clients' individual needs. The list below includes the industry standard tests currently performed on axle and gear lubricants.


  • Axle efficiency test
  • FZG gear wear test (ASTM D 4998)
  • FZG load stage test (ASTM D 5182)
  • FZG pitting test with Type C gear
  • FZG step load (A10/16.6R/90:120)
  • FZG standard wear test
  • FZG FVA54 micropitting test
  • L-20 high-torque test
  • L-33-1 moisture corrosion test (ASTM D 7038)
  • L-37 high-torque test (ASTM D 6121)
  • L-42 high-speed shock axle test (ASTM D7452)
  • L-60-1 thermal and oxidative stability test (ASTM D 5704)
  • Manual transmission high-temperature cyclic durability test (ASTM D 5579)
  • SSP 180 synchronizer


  • Mack GO-J/J+ and Eaton PS-164 test procedures
  • Dana SHAES-256 extended drain drive axle lubricants
  • GM DEXRON® LS Gear Oil 75W-90 (GMW16445)
  • GM DEXRON® Gear Oil 75W-90 (GMW16433)

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