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image: DEGR Demo Vehicle in Downtown San Antonio

Image Courtesy of Southwest Research Institute

SwRI engineers incorporated its new Dedicated EGR engine technology, which improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions, in a demonstration vehicle.

image of hybrid ceramic-sand core cast

Casting technology to improve cylinder head designs for higher engine efficiency

Southwest Research Institute is an industry leader in the creation of new automotive technology and our corporate mission is to transfer technology to our clients.

Dedicate Exhaust Gas Recirculation (D-EGR®)

R&D 100 2014 Logo

A new engine design that improves fuel economy and lowers exhaust emissions has received a prestigious 2014 R&D 100 Award. R&D Magazine selected Southwest Research Institute's Dedicated EGR (D-EGR®) engine technology as one of the 100 most significant technological achievements introduced in the past year. D-EGR® technology is a novel engine architecture that is up to 15 percent more efficient than today’s mainstream engines while simultaneously improving performance. It allows manufacturers to address future, more aggressive Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and meet LEV III/Tier 3 emissions levels cost-effectively.

Casting Process for Higher Efficiency Diesel Engines

SwRI’s 37th R&D 100 Award came in 2012 from a process developed by SwRI and an industry partner, Grainger and Worrall, Ltd. This new technology is called hybrid ceramic-sand core casting. This process combines aerospace ceramic and automotive sand core casting processes, enabling precision casting of extremely small passages in automotive cast iron or steel components. This process enables cast iron cylinder heads to achieve much higher peak cylinder heads than current products.

Consortia to Develop Fuel Economy Improvement Technology

SwRI currently operates several cooperative research programs (consortia) in support of automotive industry clients. Participants in these consortia pool financial resources to fund development of new technology and share research results. These consortia continually develop new and advanced concepts to improve engine efficiency and emissions. All members of the consortia share in the intellectual property resulting from this research by receiving royalty free licenses. We invite you to explore details of each of the many automotive related consortia programs offered by SwRI.

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