Real-Time Ash Particle Measurement (RT-Ash™) Instrument
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The Real-Time Ash (RT-Ash™) instrument has been developed to measure real-time ash particle number and size distribution from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine, regardless of the fuel, oil, and the engine technology used. The application of the RT-Ash instrument provides benefits in characterizing:

  • Ash particle emissions from internal combustion engine technologies
    • Diesel
    • Gasoline
    • Natural gas
    • Locomotive
    • Two-stroke, four-stroke
  • Ash particles at inlet and outlet of exhaust particle filters
    • Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
    • Gasoline particulate filter (GPF)
  • Lube oil consumption marker under steady-state and transient engine operation
  • Ash particle number, surface area, volume, and mass weighted size distributions
  • Leaks caused by:
    • Valve stem seals
    • EGR coolant
    • Turbo oil
    • Others
  • Ash content in lube oil and fuel

Related Terminology

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