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The John Deere JDQ-95A test stand is one of many OEM specialized stands available for client product evaluations.

Tractors across the country operate with test lubricants monitored by SwRI personnel. Lubricant-related testing has been conducted on John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland and CASE tractors. In addition to field testing programs, SwRI also performs a wide variety of both standardized and specialty fluid laboratory testing.

Tractor Fluids Specification Testing

New Holland specifications for tractor hydraulic fluids require satisfactory performance in gear wear protection, brake chatter protection, independent power take off (IPTO) and Powershift clutch capacity.

John Deere J20 specifications for tractor hydraulic fluid require satisfactory performance of test lubricants in tests that simulate severe duty of farm tractor and industrial equipment components including:

  • JDQ-84–Dynamic corrosion Sauer-Danfoss pump test
  • JDQ-94–Powershift transmission clutch friction test
  • JDQ-95–Spiral bevel/final drive wear test
  • JDQ-102–Shear stability test
  • JDQ-96B–Torque variation and brake friction retention test
  • JDQ-95A–Spiral bevel gear wear test
  • JDQ-102B–John Deere hydraulic pump shear stability
  • JDM-HECT–High energy clutch test
  • JDQ-TZT–Oxidation test

Additional Tractor Test Facilities:

  • Tractor chassis dynamometer
  • Universal tractor driveline test cell

Hydraulic Fluid Testing Capabilities

  • Conestoga pump test (ASTM) D 7043
  • Denison T6H20C hybrid pump–phase I
  • Denison T6H20C hybrid pump–phase II
  • Eaton 35VQ25A pump test

SwRI maintains more than 40 industry standard and specialty test rigs, including multiple SAE #2 and FZG benches, configured for a variety of test types. Additional details are available in the SwRI Technical Services booklet.

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