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image of SwRI's vehicle testing bays

Vehicle testing bays

image of test track at SwRI

Vehicle testing track

Performance analysis for client vehicles operating under actual vehicle service conditions are performed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

Vehicle Performance Analysis

  • Global vehicle parameters
    • Vehicle fuel economy
    • Performance metrics
  • Specific component durability issues
  • System capabilities

Powertrain Prototype Designs

Prototype designs of powertrains can be tested using the SwRI dynamometer test stands, which simulate full-vehicle operation without requiring the prototype to be installed in an actual full-scale vehicle. Depending on client needs, evaluations can be weighted according to:

  • Vehicle performance
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Environmental performance
  • Design durability

Full-Scale Vehicle Evaluations

For cases where full-scale vehicle testing is needed, engineers have access to the SwRI test track and emissions test facilities. These cases are usually for projects for:

  • Test track performance results
  • Hybrid vehicle testing
  • Specific emissions analysis
  • Braking performance evaluations
  • Tire performance evaluations

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