Analytical & Regulated Projects

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Support Testing Throughout Entire Development Process

  • Instrumentation
    • UPLC-UV, HPLC with RI, ELSD, UV, PAD, and MS detection. GC- direct injection or headspace analysis, triple quadrapole MS, QTof accurate mass spectrometer, Karl Fisher (coulometric and volumetric), particle size analysis (nano to micron range), osmometer, eSEM imaging, IR, TGA, DSC, XRD, and NMR.
  • Project types
    • Assay, impurities, payload, release (immediate and extended), method development, method validation, residual solvents, extractable leachable, raw material testing, product release, and ongoing stability.
  • ICH stability studies
  • Forced degradation
  • Impurity Isolation
  • Temperature cycling studies
  • Dissolution (USP types I, II and IV)
  • Reference standard characterization
  • Controlled substances – schedule II-V for research and manufacturing
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