Chemical & Refining Process Development

image of New 40,000-square-foot chemical engineering center

New 40,000-square-foot chemical engineering center

image of Pilot plant process development facilities

Pilot plant process development facilities

image of Design and operation of demonstration plants

Design & operation of demonstration plants

Services in technology development and implementation, troubleshooting, pilot plant operation, and small-scale production are offered by the Chemical and Refining Process Development Section at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Staff members have extensive, real-world expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering, as well as other specialties such as corrosion engineering.

To support these areas of research and development, SwRI has laboratory facilities in organic and inorganic chemistry for analysis, synthesis and development. In addition, SwRI is equipped with the resources to support the full range of utility, maintenance, safety (such as PSM), and environmental needs of pilot plant and semi-commercial scale operations.

Eloy Flores III, Manager

Chemical & Refining Process Development Technical Strengths

  • Gas to liquids
  • Bitumen upgrading to fuels
  • Hydrotreating and distillation
  • Carbon capture

SwRI strives to offer a “one-stop shop” approach to applied research needs for process development from bench-scale through large pilot plant operation, testing, or production.

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