Environmental Engineering & Monitoring

Image:  Environmental Engineering & Monitoring

The Environmental Engineering and Monitoring Section in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) develops, designs, and applies innovative technology to protect environments and workplaces for industry and government. Engineers and scientists in the section evaluate alternative technologies to destroy hazardous wastes, control atmospheric and aqueous emissions, conduct environmental assessments, prepare remediation strategies, conduct bench-scale and pilot plant treatability studies, assess biodegradability of wastes, and perform hazard and risk assessments.

Joseph H. Brewer, Assistant Director

Environmental Engineering & Monitoring Technical Strengths

  • Treatability studies
  • Risk and hazard assessments
  • Pollution prevention opportunity assessments
  • Environmental assessments and audits
  • Industrial hygiene surveys
  • Pollution control design and verification
  • Remediation technology development and third-party evaluation
  • Permeation testing
  • CWA signature analysis
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