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The Engineering and Research Section in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division's Department of Fire Technology explores advanced topics in fire science by employing computational techniques and advanced experimental methods to assess and mitigate special hazards associated with energetic materials, high pressures, and unusual storage scenarios. Work in this area revolves around the performance-based approach to classifying materials and systems. Response characteristics of materials, products, structures, and systems subjected to "real" fire and explosion situations are evaluated. Fire and explosion characteristics of gases, vapor clouds, liquids, solids, and dusts are also studied. The Engineering and Research Section at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an integral partner, supporting our technical groups in Material Flammability and Fire Resistance by providing custom test programs whose methods lie above and beyond standard test procedures. With its understanding of the behavior of materials and products under real fire conditions, the Engineering and Research Section is an excellent resource in the areas of accident investigation and product development.

Karen Carpenter, Manager

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For more information about this program, visit the Fire Engineering & Research Testing Facility.

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