Fire Technology Services

image: Observation of a propane flare during controlled relief of a burned propane tank

Observation of a propane flare during controlled relief of a burned propane tank

image: Cone Calorimeter.

Cone Calorimeter

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Fire Technology Capabilities

"Exceeding clients’ expectations by providing world-class, innovative fire research, testing, and product certification services"

One of the largest, most experienced fire research laboratories in the United States is located at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The dedicated research of the SwRI Fire Technology Department has contributed to the development of its worldwide reputation as a center of excellence for fire research and testing. We provide high-quality and timely services to evaluate and mitigate fire- and explosion-related hazards for our clients.

Fire Technology Services

The multidisciplinary approach of SwRI fire technology to study and understand fire technology includes:

  • Standard and nonstandard testing
  • Detection and suppression
  • Testing for code compliance
  • Testing for nuclear compliance
  • Modeling
  • Combustion flammability
  • Development of new test methodologies
  • Engineering and design services
  • Third-party certification
    • Listing and labeling
    • Directory of Listed Products
    • Directory of Tested Products
  • Product and process evaluation
  • Laboratory-scale incineration
  • Pool and propellant fires
  • Jet fire impingement
  • Smoke characterization and toxicity studies
  • Risk and hazard assessment
  • Vulnerability and survivability
  • Energy studies

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