Listing, Labeling, & Follow-Up Inspections

Through its Third-Party Quality Assurance Program, the Listing, Labeling, and Follow-Up Inspections Section in the Fire Technology Department of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) ensures that products, materials and assemblies meet specified requirements. This process ensures that when these items reach the final consumer, their expected performance is similar to what is found through laboratory evaluations and testing. Continued compliance is assured through unannounced factory inspections and periodic re-testing. Qualified products, materials and assemblies are published in the SwRI Directory of Listed Products. The Third-Party Quality Assurance Services (also known as Listing and Labeling Program) administered by SwRI is accredited by the following and more:

  • International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS), which resulted with the consolidation of former ICBO-ES, SBCCI-PST&ES, BOCA-ES and NES
  • OSHA
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • GSA
  • HUD
  • State of Florida, Metro-Date County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of New York

The program covers materials and products for the construction and maritime industries, fuel storage tanks and fire extinguishing systems. Listing and labeling programs are coordinated with the following:

Tim Koebke, M.S., Acting Manager

Listing, Labeling, & Follow-Up Inspections Technical Strengths

  • Design and implementation of follow-up programs
  • Assistance with evaluation reports for International Code Council (ICC) submittal
  • US Coast Guard/International Maritime Organization (IMO) approval
  • Directory of Listed Products
  • Third-party quality assurance and certification services
  • Follow-up testing in support of listing program
  • Worldwide network of field inspectors

For information about third-party quality assurance product certification, visit

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