Program Briefs

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U. S. Navy High-Speed Diesel Engine Performance Evaluation: Cummins NH-220G and Detroit Diesel 6V-53N (IR304)

Biodiesel Fuel Technology for Military Application  (IR317)

Low-Temperature Oil Pumpability Investigations in a 6.2L Diesel Engine (IR318)

Fuel Lubricity Additive Evaluation (IR323)

Analysis of Natural Gas by FT-IR; Calibrations & Validations (IR324)

Technology Demonstration of QVM CNG & Gasoline-Fueled F-150 Bifeul Prep Vehicles at Ft. Bliss (IR325)

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulink® Toolbox (IR333)

Emissions Comparison of Alternative Fuels in an Advanced Automotive Diesel Engine (IR338)

Low-Volatile and Ozone-Depleting Compound Free Solid Film Lubricants (IR340)

Evaluation of D-1 Fuel Nozzle Failures at Extreme Temperatures (IR342)

Service Life Extension of MIL-PRF-21260 Preservative Engine Oil (IR343)

Investigation of Portable Oil Analysis for Army Application  (IR344)

Technologies for Testing Fuel Quality Approaches of the Petroleum Quality Analysis System (IR345)

Initial Effects of Converting Army Diesel-Powered Ground Vehicles to Operate on JP-8+100 (IR347)

Estimating Chemical and Bulk Properties of Middle Distillate Fuels from Near-Infrared Spectra (IR348)

Impact of Lube Oil on Advanced Light-Duty CIDI Engine Emissions (IR351)

Evaluation of Korean-Manufactured NTV JP-8 Conversion Demonstration Conducted by the 19th Theatre Area Army Command, Korea (IR352)

Evaluation of Impacts of JP-8+100 on Army Aviation and Ground Vehicles: Phase I Impact Study  (IR353)

Technology Demo of QVM CNG and Gas F150 Bifuel Prep Vehicles at Ft. Hood (IR354)

Investigation of Subterranean Fuel Vapor Extraction and Destruction Using a Diesel Engine (IR359)

Fuels and Lubricants Technology Department
Fuels and Lubricants Research Division
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April 15, 2014