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Intelligent Systems

Providing engineering services in the research and development of complex
systems and equipment

The Intelligent Systems Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides engineering services in the definition, development, and maintenance of complex systems and equipments for government and industry. The staff of more than 175 electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineers, computer scientists, and support staff form multidisciplinary teams to provide technological solutions for commercial and military problems. The state of the art in design aids, laboratory instrumentation, and test equipment is provided in extensive facilities to aid the engineering services provided to clients.

Steven W. Dellenback, Ph.D., PMP, Vice President

Ben A. Abbott, Ph.D., Institute Engineer
Michael A. Brown, PMP, Institute Engineer
Robert W. Heller, Ph.D., Program Director

  • Applied Sensing
    • Cooperative Systems
    • Embedded Sensing Networks
    • Intelligent Network Systems
    • Unmanned Systems
  • Critical Systems
    • Embedded Systems Security
    • High Reliability Systems Section
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
      • Transportation Data Infrastructure Systems
      • Transportation Management Systems
  • Manufacturing Technologies
    • Process Improvement Engineering
    • Robotics & Automation Engineering
      • Adaptive Technologies
      • Custom Automated Solutions

Intelligent Systems Special Programs and Technology Areas

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