Cooperative Systems R&D

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Connected Vehicles

Designing V2V, V2I, and V2X systems to support advanced safety, mobility, and environmental improvements has been a strength of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) for many years. SwRI designs, develops, tests, and demonstrates all elements of a connected vehicle system to include traffic management system integration and firmware level security protocols.

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Cooperative Behaviors/Maneuvers

Using communication to exchange information amongst mobile assets can increase multi-vehicle system-level performance, SwRI has realized cooperative convoy and platooning systems as well as a cooperative sensor sharing system to meet specific client objectives.

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Traffic System Modeling and Simulation

Understanding exactly how large-scale deployment of cooperative systems will impact traffic systems is important throughout the design process. SwRI possesses significant modeling and simulation (M&S) capability to enable the use of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing with virtual vehicles that behave and act according to various configurable behavior models in different environments.

Examples of SwRI Cooperative Systems Programs

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