Intelligent Vehicle Systems

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SwRI defines an Intelligent Vehicle System as a system that enables a vehicle (car, truck, implement/tool, boat, submarine, train, robot, or aircraft) to perform an intelligent function (navigation, maneuver, behavior, or task) by perceiving the environment and implementing a responsive action.

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SwRI IVS Overview Videos:  Intelligent Vehicle Systems at SwRI   Next Generation ITS Technology   Active Safety & Driverless Vehicles   Ranger: Localization System Using a Ground-Facing Camera

Automated Driving Consulting Service

With a staff of more than 30 electrical, mechanical, and computer engineers—most with advanced degrees—the SwRI Intelligent Vehicle Systems engineers state-of-the-art unmanned, cooperative, and active safety systems to solve real-world problems for our defense, automotive, construction/mining, de-mining, agriculture, and transportation clients, foreign and domestic.

Ryan D. Lamm, Director, (210) 522-5350,

Steven W. Dellenback, Ph.D., PMP, Vice President, (210) 522-3914,