Hardware Design & Software Development

Image:  3D model of circuit board prior to fabrication, to verify physical requirements are met

3D models of circuit boards are created prior to fabrication to verify physical requirements are met.

Image:  Custom enclosures are designed for either rapid prototyping or final production.

Custom enclosures are designed for either rapid prototyping or final production.

The Hardware Design and Software Development group designs and produces advanced electronic systems and equipment. We are experienced in advanced electronic circuit, embedded systems, schematic and printed circuit board (PCB), innovative packaging design, software development, and 3D modeling.

David Slimpin, Director
E.H. Cooper, Institute Engineer
Emilio Martinez, Staff Engineer

Areas of Expertise:

  • Voice and data communications systems
  • Embedded systems design, development, evaluation, and integration
  • Software and firmware development
  • Special purpose radars and electromagnetic field systems
  • Electrostatic measurements
  • Environmental power supplies: solar, thermal, and wind
  • Specialized power supplies
  • Sensor design and development
  • Radio frequency applications
  • Product miniaturization

Our services are often used in the following areas: communications equipment, analog and digital signal collection and processing equipment, subminiature and micro power circuit development, and customized power supplies. We provide quick-response services to meet client timelines.

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