Packaging & Rapid Prototyping

Image: StrataSys Fused Deposition Modeling System
Image: SLS Engine Manifold

SLS Engine Manifold

Image: Packaging & Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping facilities include a StrataSys Fused Deposition Modeling system (top) and a DTM Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) system (middle). The StrataSys unit is used to produce parts for form and fit evaluation as well as casing cores. The DTM unit is used to produce functional prototypes, casing cores, and tooling inserts.

The Packaging and Rapid Prototyping Group at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) designs and fabricates special purpose packaging for a wide range of electronic and electro-mechanical devices. Primary technical areas include enclosure design, materials selection, and process development. To support this work, the group uses the latest in rapid prototyping and polymer technology. For example, two rapid prototyping machines provide the ability to produce components in plastic or metal. Depending on the application, these machines can produce functional plastic prototypes, patterns for subsequent casting operations, or tools for injection molding.

The Packaging and Rapid Prototyping Group also maintains a well-equipped laboratory complex with facilities for casting, molding, joining, and shaping plastic and metal materials.

Errol Brigance, Program Manager

Packaging & Rapid Prototyping Technical Strengths

  • Reverse engineering
  • Concept development
  • Systems integration

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