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  image of comparison between standard logs with a Q-log to illustrate high-attenuation zones versus lithology and fluid saturation.

Comparison between standard logs with a Q-log to illustrate high-attenuation zones versus lithology and fluid saturation.

The Reservoir Geophysics research program at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides services and research for industrial and government clients, specializing in:

  • Seismic analysis

  • Acoustic analysis

  • Electromagnetic analysis, modeling, and visualization

Applied Physics scientists deliver effective solutions in areas such as:

  • Reservoir characterization

  • Cavity detection

  • Environmental geophysics

Technical Strengths

Key technical strengths of the reservoir geophysics research program include:

  • Interpretation of seismic measurements

  • Modeling of interwell seismic measurements

  • Geological and well log data

Petrophysical work is handled through teaming arrangements with other organizations


Please view the "Recent Projects" pages for our current research projects.


SwRI provides a broad array of services for the oil and gas industry. With broad capabilities in this field, we provide a significant resource to small service companies and independent operators as well as large integrated corporations.


For more information about our reservoir geophysics research capabilities, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Jorge O. Parra, Ph.D., at jparra@swri.org or (210) 522-3284.




Contact Information

Jorge O. Parra, Ph.D.

Reservoir Geophysics

(210) 522-3284



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August 07, 2014