Power Systems

The Power Systems Section in the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) specializes in high voltage and programmable high voltage systems.

Carlos Urdiales, Senior Program Manager

Power Systems Technical Strengths

  • Wide range of power supply design experience
    • Space
    • Military
    • Commercial and automotive
  • Vertically integrated
    • Fully equipped laboratory
    • Magnetic component design and build
    • PC board layout (CAD)
    • Computer circuit analysis and simulation
    • NASA-certified assembly personnel and facilities
    • Mechanical design and packaging, thermal design
  • Responsive to unique, one-of-a-kind requirements
    • Programmable high voltage supplies
    • Fast stepping supplies
    • Multi-output low voltage supplies
    • Other customer defined specifications
  • Resources available on the SwRI grounds
    • EMC testing
    • Vibration and shock testing
    • Thermal vacuum laboratory
    • Radiation analysis
    • Analysis of electronic components
    • Hybrid micro-electronics facility
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