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60+ Missions without an on-orbit failure

Advanced Technologies for Demanding Space Applications

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of space electronics and instrument development including cutting edge work in some of the most advanced space technologies:

  • High-data-rate buffers
  • Advanced signal processing engines
  • Image processing modules
  • High-throughput solid-state recorders
  • Small/micro-satellite avionics
  • Advanced algorithm development

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More than 35 years of avionics success

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Sustained growth in avionics solutions

The Department of Space Avionics at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is a world-renowned supplier in advanced spacecraft avionics and payload processing solutions. Our state-of-the-art research and development center provides complete turn-key systems and solutions to meet the most demanding space applications. Examples include:

  • Novel redundancy methodologies enabling higher reliability, longer duration missions while minimizing overall size, weight and power
  • Solving the ever-growing need for computational capacity, data storage, and high-speed digital data manipulation and management
  • Algorithm development, applied mathematics, and advanced computing solutions that enable increasingly sophisticated functions to be performed on-orbit to expand the capabilities of space assets


  • Redundant and single string spacecraft avionics for medium, small and microsatellite buses
  • CCSDS products
  • Single-board computers
  • Solid-state recorders
  • Command and data handling
  • Electrical power system
  • Attitude control and propulsion
  • Advanced payload management and processing
  • Manufacturing systems


  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Synthetic aperature radar
  • High-rate optical and RF (radio-frequency) communications
  • Precision closed-loop control
  • Advanced signal and image processing


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