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The Warner Robins office provides engineering services for many U.S. Government and Military clients.


The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)-developed Joint Reliability Availability Management System (JRAMS)/Long Term Health Management System (LtHMS) is an integrated analysis system that provides a growing suite of proactive and predictive analysis tools and actionable reports to aid Air Force personnel with decision support as it relates to aircraft reliability, availability, and aircraft equipment management.

The system provides the equipment, system, and aircraft managers with effective decision support as they are faced with increasingly limited resources and increasingly broad mission responsibilities. The system meets a primary logistics management objective: to assess the status of aircraft and aircraft equipment items using timely and meaningful operational and logistics support data.


Department of Navy Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion & Aircraft Tracking (NAV-AIRCAT). NAV-AIRCAT is a tailored version of the AIRCAT system used by the USAF. The NAV-AIRCAT system developed by SwRI collects, processes and reports aircraft data to support more accurate measurement of aircraft service life in the fleet. The system includes Fleet Life Expended (FLE) calculations.

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