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  image of new dental impression materials developed by SwRI scientists

New dental impression materials developed by SwRI scientists.

Biomedical materials engineering at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) comprises three distinct areas of expertise:

Biomedical Materials Development Experience

The Biomedical Materials Development Group consists of scientists and engineers with extensive experience in:

  • Polymer science, synthesis, and analysis

  • Organic and inorganic synthesis of small molecules

  • Biochemical interactions with materials

  • Materials testing and characterization

  image of emulsion polymer particles used in development of dental composite material at 20,000X magnification

Emulsion polymer particles used in development of dental composite material at 20,000X magnification.

Our multidisciplinary team approach assists clients in the materials development phase of research projects while addressing critical issues for medical devices and implants. Biomedical materials development services include:

  • Monomer and polymer design and synthesis

  • Polymer, ceramic, and metal processing

  • Macromolecular coatings

  • Materials qualification and testing

  • Materials purification

  • Development and documentation of test methods

For more information about our biomedical materials engineering capabilities, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Michael A. Miller at or (210) 522-2189.


Other areas of biomedical materials research and expertise are available:

Contact Information

Michael A. Miller

Biomedical Materials Engineering

(210) 522-2317

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