Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics


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A probabilistic-based damage tolerance computer program called DARWIN® (Design Assessment of Reliability With INspection) was developed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). DARWIN was developed under the direction of the FAA and in collaboration with four major gas turbine manufacturers. This software integrates finite element stress analysis results, fracture mechanics-based life assessment for low-cycle fatigue material anomaly data, probability of anomaly detection, and inspection schedules to predict the probability of fracture as a function of applied operating cycles.


Gas turbine industry experience has shown that the occurrence of material and manufacturing anomalies can potentially degrade the structural integrity of high-energy rotors. Conventional rotor life management methodology does not explicitly address the occurrence of these types of anomalies.


For more information, visit the DARWIN home page.


Contact Information

Michael Enright, Ph.D.

Manager, Reliability & Engineering Mechanics

210) 522-2033

Related Terminology

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fracture mechanics

damage tolerance

tolerance computer program


design assessment

assessment of reliability

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life assessment

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gas turbine

structural integrity

manufacturing anomalies

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August 07, 2014