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Southwest Research Institute provides technical services, expertise, and research facilities in the area of gas turbine technology.

The gas turbine industry continually challenges engineers to design, construct, and operate reliable and efficient gas turbines that meet market needs and respect the environment. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides technical services, expertise, and research facilities to meet the challenges of:

  • Gas Turbine Users
  • Gas Turbine Suppliers
  • Gas Turbine Manufacturers

Gas turbines are a versatile, cost-effective source of electricity, mechanical power, and propulsion. Gas turbines continually challenge engineers to design, construct, and operate reliable and efficient turbines that meet market needs and respect the environment. Southwest Research Institute works with users, suppliers, and manufacturers of gas turbines, providing technical services, expertise, and research facilities to meet the challenge.

Gas Turbine Engineering Capabilities

A complete list of Gas Turbine Engineering Capabilities is available online.

Root Cause Failure DiagnosisRoot Cause Failure Analysis: Blading, bearings, combustors, and other gas turbine components. Investigations combine the technologies of fractographic examination, materials evaluation, structural analysis, dynamic loading, thermal environment prediction, fracture mechanics analysis, and frequency testing.

Turbomachinery TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Turbomachinery Operating and Installation Problems: Vibration problem diagnosis, monitoring systems and surveys, resonance identification, flow-induced vibration (exhaust ducts, HRSG, combustors), blade vibratory stress prediction, rotating machinery diagnosis, installation and commissioning support, rotor balancing, and third-party evaluation.

Turbomachinery Performance AnalysisTurbomachinery Performance Diagnosis: Diagnosis of fuel flow measurement accuracy, performance measurement methods and results, power output, and heat rate. Meter audits and high accuracy flow meter calibrations. Heat rate improvement studies, waste heat recovery analyses, and fluid mechanics and heat transfer analyses.

Radial Flow Gas TurbineTurbomachinery Developments: Radial Flow Gas Turbine is highly portable, able to operate with a wide range of fuels and is tolerant to ingestion of large particulate matter, such as sand or dirt, and Variable Speed Planetary Gear Box Power Turbine allows the single-shaft gas turbine to drive variable speed devices.

Rotordynamic and Design AuditRotordynamic and Mechanical Design Audits: Design audit services help both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users avoid severe vibrations and other damaging dynamic phenomena in machinery installations.

Mechanical Design AssuranceMechanical Design Assurance: Rotor dynamics analysis (lateral/torsional/instability), pulsation control, FEA and CFD analyses, probabilistic evaluation, design recommendations. Design consultation and technical representation. Optimization and system integration for specialty applications of turbines and turbo-compressors.

Life Management and Extension StudiesLife Management and Extension: Durability and life estimation of hot section components, coating life prediction, probabilistic failure risk assessment, condition assessment of components.

Aero Thermal Flow AnalyisAero-Thermal Flow Analysis: Fluid dynamics and heat transfer, simulation and understanding of fluid flows, flow visualization techniques, flow facilities, turbomachinery test facility, flow instability.

Materials and Coating SelectionMaterials and Coatings Selection: Selection and qualification of alternative materials and coatings, supplier qualification, refurbishment evaluation.

Procurement SupportProcurement Support: Basic specification writing, review, and technical bid evaluations, purchase management, bid tab comparisons.

Blade Vibration AuditBlade Vibration Audit Technology: Diagnostic methods to detect and avoid high-cycle-fatigue damage, blade frequency audit, blade modal analysis, blade vibratory stress audit, probabilistic analysis, nonintrusive monitoring, telemetry testing, and slip ring systems.

Ultrasonic TestingNondestructive Testing: Ultrasonic and eddy current inspection, method development, and application.

Combustion TechnologyFuels, Lubricants, and Combustion Technology

Air Pollution ControlAir Pollution Control

SwRI can offer you a full range of capabilities and experience in gas turbine technology including becoming an extension of your engineering department.

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