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image of fault tree analysis for quantitative reliability assessments


Fault tree analysis for quantitative reliability assessments

To identify and correct problems with reliability, maintainability, and safety at the component levels for government and commercial clients, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) applies:

  • Analytical methods

  • Machine design expertise

  • Machinery and systems operational experience

System reliability engineering looks at the system as a whole and seeks to evaluate the inherent reliability at the system and component levels, the most likely single point failures modes and how they feed into the system fault tree, potential areas for reliability improvement, and appropriate actions to mitigate the effects of failures.


System reliability engineering support is provided during all phases of the product lifecycle, from conceptual design through prototype to aging equipment well beyond its original design life. A strong emphasis on probabilistic methods and the development and applications of physics of failure (PoF) models for failure rate estimation provides clients with high fidelity reliability assessments and remaining life forecasts.


Reliability Engineering Services

  • System and component reliability assessments

  • Failure modes, effects, and criticality assessments (FMECA) (MIL-STD-1629A, API-14, industry standards)

  • Reliability block diagram assessments

  • Fault tree assessments (FTA)

  • Event tree assessments (ETA)

  • System safety assessments (MIL-STD-882D)

  • Hazards analysis (HA)

  • Reliability growth modeling

  • Forensic failure analysis of machinery, hydraulic, and fluid systems including root cause analysis

  • Specialized testing (laboratory and field)

Recent clients include the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, the U.S. Air Force, and prime defense contractors, foreign and domestic oil and gas companies, electric utilities, chemical process industries, and food processors.


For more information about our system reliability engineering capabilities, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Daniel Pomerening at or (210) 522-2318.


Contact Information

Daniel Pomerening

System Reliability Engineering

(210) 522-2318

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August 07, 2014