Aerospace Systems Engineering

Image: Aerospace Systems Engineering

Image: Aerospace Systems Engineering

Located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, the Aerospace Systems Engineering Section of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides engineering services in the area of Engine Health Management, such as algorithm development, trending and analysis tools, engine tracking data systems, engine test cell correlation, subject matter expertise for training development and delivery, and Technical Order development and updates.

Software development covers a diverse area, such as system automation, standalone forensic references of automotive images, download device and ground station applications, hardware Test Program Sets, and process improvement tools. Other tasks, such as studies for technology insertion, reliability and maintainability improvements, hardware redesign for mature subsystems, and Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) are also performed. Air Force System experience includes B-1, B-2, B-52, E-3, and KC-135 aircraft, as well as F100, F101, F108, F110, F118, T56, TF33, TF34, and TF39 engines, and cruise missiles.

Susan Zubik, Manager

Tom Arnold, Principal Analyst

Aerospace Systems Engineering Technical Strengths

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