Technical Strengths
Geophysical Services

Contact Information

Ron McGinnis
Principal Scientist
(210) 522-5825

James Prikryl
Senior Research Scientist
(210) 522-5667


Geophysical services technical strengths at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) include:

  • A broad suite of geophysical equipment to serve client needs in the environmental, natural resource, and geotechnical site evaluation areas
  • Integrated near-surface geophysical surveys using multiple techniques and digital global positioning systems (DGPS)
  • Identification of depth, thickness, and lateral extent of geologic strata and hydrologic units
  • Location of faults, water table depth, and buried objects
  • Mapping of saltwater intrusion, water quality, and contaminant plumes
  • Optical and radar remote sensing image processing with application to management of natural resources, natural hazard assessment, and infrastructure planning
  • Experienced geologists and earth scientists to conduct geophysical surveys, perform data analyses, and interpret results
  • Geographic information system capabilities and data visualization and modeling capabilities to serve client needs

Related Terminology

geophysics  •  remote sensing  •  synthetic aperture radar  •  Interferometric SAR (InSAR)  •  ground penetrating radar  •  multielectrode electrical resistivity  •  induced polarization  •  frequency domain  •  time domain  •  electromagnetics  •  ground conductivity  •  gravity  •  magnetics  •  magnetotellurics  •  joint inversion  •  data processing

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