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Hydrological Services

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Nate Toll
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image of the aggregation of 1D solutions from the SwRI-developed code BREATH

Particle trajectories in a fracture channel exhibiting fractal surfaces. Contours represent flow field. View the video.

image of Particle (black dots) trajectories in a synthetic microflow device

Particle (black dots) trajectories in a synthetic microflow device with inline obstacles (white rectangles). Particle attachment on inline obstacles is active. Contours represent flow field. View the video.

Hydrological services technical strengths at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) include:

  • Assessment and management of groundwater resources
  • Dynamics of karst aquifers
  • Groundwater flow and mass transport modeling
  • Geostatistical evaluation of aquifer and reservoir heterogeneity
  • Fate and transport of environmental pollutants
  • Colloid facilitated transport of contaminants
  • Quantitative feasibility analyses of soil and groundwater remedial technologies
  • Mathematical modeling of subsurface flow and transport processes
  • Upscaling of aquifer and reservoir petrophysical and thermophysical properties
  • Numerical simulation of unsaturated flow in fractured and nonfractured rocks
  • Aquifer parameter estimation through hydraulic testing and inverse modeling
  • Assessment of instrument spatial weighting functions and averaging volumes

Related Terminology

infiltration and recharge  •  runoff and overland flow  •  soil physics and multiphase flow  •  coupled and interfacial processes  •  aquifer characterization  •  karst and carbonate rock  •  salt water intrusion  •  matrix-fracture interaction  •  colloid facilitated transport  •  thermal flow  •  instrument averaging volume  •  geostatistics  •  sensitivity analysis

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