International Alternative
Fuel Technology
Center (IAFTC)

The International Alternative Fuel Technology Center (IAFTC) assists clients in exploring, developing, and evaluating current and future alternative fuels from source, through production, to real-world use.

The development of alternative fuels has become a vital emerging technology as concerns about the impact of the continued use of fossil fuels on our global environment mount. Concerned entities include:

  • Governments and industry associations
  • Fuel producers
  • Lubricant companies
  • Original equipment manufacturers

With more than 60 years of experience in automotive and fuels research and development, SwRI is uniquely positioned as an international expert in the research, development and testing of renewable fuels such as:

  • Biodiesel and chemically derived fuels
  • Paraffinic diesel blend components (GTL)
  • Synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK)
  • Hydroprocessed renewable jet fuel (HRJ)

Alternative Fuel Experience & Capabilities

SwRI has extensive experience in producing and analyzing conventional and alternative fuels, fluids, lubricants, and utilizing microbial and biological techniques. SwRI blends field experience, engineering and chemistry skills, and design and fabrication capabilities to offer an interdisciplinary approach to fuel-related services. This unique interdisciplinary approach to fuel and emission-related services is used by the SwRI staff to produce, analyze, and certify conventional and alternative fuels and additives. Hundreds of qualified engineers, scientists, and technicians bring decades of experience and expertise to each project. Extensive facilities are ready to support new alternative fuels work.

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International Alternative Fuel Technology Center (IAFTC),
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