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San Antonio is a city with its own unique feel—comfortable, exciting, and diverse. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the eighth largest city in the U.S.


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What's the housing market like? Will I be able to find a place to live?

Whether you're longing for some ranch land, a house in a nice neighborhood, an apartment, or a duplex, San Antonio has many housing options for you.

San Antonio Relocation Guide

Where's Southwest Research Institute located?

The Institute is located on 1,200 acres of ranch land just off of Culebra Rd., inside Loop 410. SwRI is near one of the city's larger shopping malls and many nearby restaurants and eateries are within a short driving distance.

SwRI Headquarters

How are the school systems in San Antonio?

San Antonians take pride in having many area schools receive the National Exemplary Blue Ribbon School award for excellence. Visit GreatSchools! for more information about public, private, and charter schools.

Visit the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce's comprehensive list of schools in the San Antonio metropolitan area for more information. There are also excellent specialty schools for students who want to focus on health careers, business, communication arts, music, etc.

San Antonio is often called "culturally diverse." What does that mean?

San Antonio is a melting pot of cultures. Some of the original settlers in San Antonio and Texas were from the nations that ruled Texas throughout its history — making Texas a "six-flag state."

Texas Under Spain: 1519-1685; 1690-1821.

Texas Under France: 1685-1690.

Texas Under Mexico: 1821-1836.

Texas as a Republic: 1836-1845.

Texas in the Confederacy: 1861-1865.

Texas in the US: 1845-1861; 1865-Present

People from all over the world have settled in this area, including many military families who have chosen to retire in San Antonio. The Handbook of Texas, San Antonio

Learn more about San Antonio's culture.

Check out the demographics of Bexar County.

City of San Antonio's Office of Cultural Affairs

I worry that San Antonio may be too hot for me — what's the weather really like?

San Antonio can get hot in the summer time, but we generally have great weather year-round.

San Antonio weather

How about the daily lifestyle?

San Antonio has a casual, friendly atmosphere. Relaxed attire is acceptable almost anywhere.

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Where can I shop in San Antonio?

San Antonio has several major malls and several shopping centers. Downtown you'll find unique shops and places to visit. Along with our major shopping areas, there are also factory outlet centers in nearby New Braunfels and San Marcos.

Places to shop

What about the weekends? Will I have to travel for entertainment?

There's a reason why San Antonio is one of the nation's top tourist spots – there is a lot to see and do here. Aside from our famous River Walk and the Alamo, San Antonio has many golf courses, city parks, nearby lakes and rivers, museums, theaters, the San Antonio Symphony, outdoor recreation, antique shops, theme parks and much more.

Upcoming events

Things to see and do

What kind of nightlife does San Antonio have?

Whether you enjoy sports, concerts, clubs, dancing, the theater, or films, San Antonio has something for you. Learn more about San Antonio's nightlife.


Sports (Outdoor/Professional/semi-professional sports)

Movie Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


Regal Cinemas

Santikos Theatres

Performing Arts

Will people look at me funny if I don't drive a pick-up truck and wear a cowboy hat and boots?

Not everyone wears a cowboy hat and boots, though you might want to buy a set when the Rodeo comes to town in February.

How's the job market in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a growing marketplace. Learn more about our city's expected future from the San Antonio Economic Foundation.

Southwest Research Institute Job Opportunities

What is San Antonio's crime rate?

Directory of Crime Data and Information on the SAPD website

Where can I get more information about San Antonio?

San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau

The City of San Antonio

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

San Antonio Economic Development Foundation

San Antonio Express-News

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