SwRI Video Teleconference Center

image of video teleconference center

SwRI technical and administrative activities are supported by a full-feature video teleconference and multi-media presentation center. Key features include:

  • Full compliance with international standard H.320, allowing interoperability with all standards-based systems regardless of make or model
  • Multiple formats to present data from PCs, VCRs, etc.
  • Dial-up connectivity to both Switch 56 and ISDN communications circuits
  • Teleconference data rates from 112 (2 x 56k) kbps to 1.472 (23 x 64k) Mbps
  • Audiographic conferencing with T.120 compliant parties
  • Wide range of auxiliary audio-visual and computer presentation subsystems
  • Seating for up to 100 conference participants
  • Certification and registration with all major gateway and bridging services 

For more information or to arrange a video conference, contact Jesse Vallado at (210) 522-5626.

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