SwRI Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures

Southwest Research Institute has one subsidiary, Signature Science LLC, and participates in a joint venture, SwARC.

Signature Science LLC, an Austin, Texas, biotechnology company that spun off from Radian International in March 2001, has a variety of specialties in many different fields, including chemistry, microbiology, engineering, biology, meteorology, and other areas. Signature Science is nationally recognized for its expertise in fields such as environmental management, biotechnology, national security and technical services.

SwARC provides independent and impartial evaluation of automotive products, powertrain components and automotive system designs. It also develops protocols for evaluating exhaust aftertreatment devices and systems and organizes and conducts consortia and evaluations for the Chinese government and transportation and energy industries.

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Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is a multidisciplinary, independent, nonprofit, applied engineering and physical sciences research and development organization with 9 technical divisions.