SwRI Consortia

image of AC2AT logo

Advanced Combustion Catalyst and Aftertreatment Technologies (AC2AT) Joint Industry Consortium

  • Summary - The AC2AT Joint Industry Consortium will develop the tools and technologies necessary for the synergistic application of catalysts to advanced engine technologies.
  • Participation - $95,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 4 years, renewable
  • Contact - Cary Henry, (210) 522-2424 or chenry@swri.org
  • Website: ac2at.swri.org
image of AEF logo

Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) Joint Industry Consortium

  • Summary - The AEF Joint Industry Consortium will investigate the impact of fuels and lubricants on combustion and the future of engine technology.
  • Participation - $100,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 4 years, renewable
  • Contact - Thomas Briggs, (210) 522-5153 or tbriggs@swri.org
  • Website: aef.swri.org
image of AEF logo

Aluminum Head Evaluation, Analysis & Durability (AHEAD) Consortium

  • Summary - The AHEAD consortium will work to develop lighter and more durable aluminum components, including heads, blocks and pistons, for next generation automotive engines to help manufacturers meet tighter worldwide fuel economy and CO2 regulations.
  • Participation - $100,000 for full membership, $60,000 for associate membership
  • Years anticipated - 4 years
  • Contact - Kevin Hoag, (210) 522-5153 or khoag@swri.org
  • Website: ahead.swri.org
image of ACES logo

Automotive Consortium for Embedded Security(™) (ACES) Joint Industry Program

  • Summary - The mission of the ACES joint industry program is to provide non-competitive research in automotive embedded systems security to protect the safety, reliability, brand image, trade secrets, and privacy on members' future products.
  • Participation - $90,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 3 years
  • Contact: Robert W. Heller, Ph.D., (210) 522-3824 or rheller@swri.org
  • Website: aces.swri.org

image of CHEDE-VI logo

Clean High-Efficiency Diesel Engine VII

  • Summary - Building on the more than 24 years of the industry's longest running diesel research consortium, the CHEDE-VII Consortium began in November 2015. This program is pursuing the world's most efficient engines to meet the needs of industry 5 to 10 years into the future. The four-year multi-client consortium includes consideration of worldwide markets and technology impacts on each.
  • Participation - $120,000 per year for engine and vehicle manufacturers, $70,000 for suppliers, and $50,000 for limited membership (no voting or IP rights)
  • Years anticipated - 4 years
  • Contact - Jason Miwa, (210) 522-6402 or jmiwa@swri.org
  • Website: chede.swri.org

image of EssEs logo

ESSES Consortium: Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety

  • Summary - The mission of the SwRI ESSES Consortium is to provide transparency in the automotive battery market as a means to advance the development of energy storage systems.
  • Participation - $65,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 3 years
  • Contact - Bapiraju Surampudi, Ph.D., (210) 522-3278 or bsurampudi@swri.org
  • Website: batteryconsortium.swri.org

image of HEDGE-III logo

High-Efficiency, Dilute Gasoline Engine (HEDGE®)

  • Summary - The SwRI HEDGE Consortium seeks the most cost-effective solutions for future high-performance, low-emissions spark-ignited engine applications.
  • Participation - $120,000 per year ($70,000 for suppliers)
  • Years anticipated - Jan. 1, 2013, to Dec. 31, 2016
  • Contact - Christopher Chadwell, (210) 522-5494 or cchadwell@swri.org
  • Website: hedge-III.swri.org

image of PSPD logo

Particle Sensor Performance and Durability Consortium (PSPD)

  • Summary - The SwRI PSPD™ Consortium is a cooperative research consortium to investigate the performance and durability of particle sensors designed for onboard diagnostics and diesel engine emissions control.
  • Participation - $55,000
  • Years anticipated - Ongoing, yearly renewal
  • Contact - Imad Khalek, Ph.D., (210) 522-2536 or ikahlek@swri.org
  • Website: pspd.swri.org

image of PCS logo

Powertrain Consulting Support Services

  • Summary - Members will gain an engineering consulting service that provides regular updates of fuels, lubricants, engines and powertrain technology advancements in the automotive industry.
  • Participation - Contact Thomas Briggs, Ph.D. for more information
  • Years anticipated - Ongoing, yearly renewal
  • Contact - Thomas Briggs,Ph.D., (210) 522-5153 or tbriggs@swri.org
  • Website: pcs.swri.org

image of NPSS logo

Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS)

  • Summary - NPSS is an object oriented, multi-physics, engineering design and simulation environment which enables development, collaboration and seamless integration of system models.
  • Participation - $40,000 to $215,000/year.
  • Years anticipated – New cycle begins Jan 1, 2014
  • Contact – David Ransom, (210) 522-5281 or dransom@swri.org
  • Website: www.npssconsortium.org

image of NASGRO logo

Structural Integrity/NASGRO Development and Support

  • Summary - Enhance the technical capabilities and user support services for the widely-used NASGRO fracture mechanics computer code.
  • Participation - Fees for the next cycle will be $25,000 per year participating site, or $62,500 per year company-wide
  • Years anticipated - New cycle begins May 2013, Current cycle 2010-2013 (previous cycles 2001-2010).
  • Contact - R. Craig McClung, Ph.D., (210) 522-2422 or cmcclung@swri.org or Joe Cardinal, (210) 522-3323 or jcardinal@swri.org
  • Website: nasgro.swri.org

image of STAR Program logo

Separation Technology Research (STAR) Program Joint Industry Project

  • Summary - The STAR Program, led and administered by SwRI, is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) for conducting research, conducting systematic testing, and enabling qualification of separation equipment. The goal of the STAR Program is to systematically test separation equipment and increase fundamental knowledge in phase separation.
  • Participation - $75,000 to $450,000 for initial 3-year membership. Participation is open to oil and gas operators, contractors, and equipment manufacturers.
  • Years anticipated – Initial 3-year project initiated on June 1, 2014. Follow-on phases are expected.
  • Contact - Chris Buckingham, (210) 522-3307 or cbuckingham@swri.org
  • Website: starprogram.swri.org

image of ROS-I Consortium logo

ROS-Industrial Consortium

  • Summary - Members will direct the development of new capabilities for ROS-Industrial robot software
  • Years anticipated - 3 years for phase one with additional phases anticipated.
  • Contact - Clay Flannigan, (210) 522-6805 or clay.flannigan@swri.org
  • Website: ric.swri.org
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