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SwRI scientists discover evidence for a habitable region within Saturn’s moon Enceladus
Hydrogen gas points to hydrothermal activity in an ocean beneath the moon’s icy surface
[Thursday, April 13, 2017]

SwRI’s Robin Canup elected member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2017 class includes leaders from academia, business, the humanities and the arts
[Wednesday, April 12, 2017]

SwRI managing development of OCTOCAM astronomical instrument
Celestial workhorse will enhance Gemini South observations
[Wednesday, April 05, 2017]

SwRI-built storm-scanning satellites enter operations phase
First hurricane wind data delivery expected in May, just in time for hurricane season
[Monday, April 03, 2017]

3DStress® offers hydraulic fracturing operators robust simulation tools
SwRI demonstrating latest software version at AAPG 2017 conference before official release
[Friday, March 31, 2017]

SwRI-led team focusing on safety chosen for NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute
Project ESPRESSO is the second SwRI-led team named to NASA’s solar system exploration initiative
[Monday, March 20, 2017]

SwRI scientist studies geology of Ceres to understand origin of organics
Dawn spacecraft data suggest organic materials are native to the dwarf planet
[Thursday, February 16, 2017]

SwRI to lead NASA’s Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojans
Small, primitive worlds orbiting near Jupiter to provide clues about origins of the solar system
[Wednesday, January 04, 2017]


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